… a fantastic editor, knowing just how to knock copy into shape, how to handle the arc of a creative project, and how to nurture, encourage, and raise someone’s game…  As a publisher turned author, I really appreciated her expertise, 
and her absolute dedication to the project at hand. She was great to work with, the book was immeasurably improved by her input and management, and I would highly recommend her ….” — Sophie Goldsworthy, author, The Rough Guide to Digital Photography

It’s perfect, you did exactly what I was hoping for … I felt you understood what I was trying to say … Your help with the manuscript, not to mention the synopsis and letters, was absolutely critical.” — Hanna, fiction author

Her work as an editor is as good as it gets.” — Martin Dunford, MD of coolplaces.co.uk

Thank you very much for this … there is loads here for me to think about – some things I’d kind of had niggles about myself, but didn’t know how to move past, and other things which hadn’t occurred to me at all!” — Lois, fiction author

… organised, efficient, flexible, calm, communicative, and on-schedule – what more could we ask for?” — Tori Kosara, Senior Editor, DK Licensing (Penguin Random House)

Thank you so much … the experience has been wonderful and really, really useful!” — Rachel, memoir author

I thought my mastery of the English language was nigh-on perfect until I handed over my manuscript to Kate. She was a fantastic editor to work with; extremely efficient and meticulous… just what was required! I would not hesitate to recommend her to anybody!” — Rocco Giordano, nonfiction author

Kate is a brilliant editor. She’s meticulous, she tightens up copy with real sensitivity and skill, and she usually delivers well ahead of schedule (and always on time). I thoroughly recommend her!” Sophie Wright, Project Editor, DK Travel (Penguin Random House)

I’ve hired Kate to copyedit a number of books, and I would highly recommend her work. She has always delivered insightful and thorough editing before the due date. Her communication is clear and timely throughout the process, and her flexibility in the face of my often shifting project specs makes her a pleasure to work with.” — Cat Tobin, MD of Pelgrane Press

I very much appreciate your assessment. I have begun a complete re-write of the story, and without your helpful comments I would never have had the conviction required to undertake this …” — Philip, fiction author