Authors: how I can help you

It’s my job to help your work become the book you want it to be.

This could involve recommending major plot changes … or simply checking the commas are in the right place.

I’ll suggest an editorial course of action tailored to you, taking into account your goals for the book and the stage of your manuscript.

In short, you receive a personalised editing service. Once I’ve seen a sample of your work and we’ve discussed what your aims are, I’ll suggest some options for you to consider. (To be honest, you don’t need to read any more of this page – just send me a message and we’ll take it from there!)

What kind of edit?

Different types of editing (which go by various names, depending on who you ask, where they live, and the time of day) work kind of like a zoom lens.

A manuscript assessment is a report on how well your novel is working. It focuses on structure, plot, perspective, character, and so on, and gives you some advice and ideas on how to take the draft to the next stage.

I very much appreciate your assessment. I have begun a complete re-write of the story, and without your helpful comments I would never have had the conviction required to undertake this …” — Philip, fiction author

developmental or structural edit also looks at the bigger picture. You get a similar report on the manuscript to help you move the bigger pieces into place and get your rewrites on the right track, but this also includes line editing in the text itself, more suggestions and detailed advice. (Note that I don’t provide extensive rewrites – that’s your job as the author. If you need someone to finish your book for you, I recommend hiring a ghost writer.)

Thank you so much … the experience has been wonderful and really, really useful!” — Rachel, memoir author

A line edit gets deep into the text on a sentence level and will correct awkward phrasing and structural problems. It’s usually combined with either a structural or a copy-edit.

The copy-edit is an edit at word level, when your manuscript is almost ready to publish. It gives your words a final polish and ensures that each sentence does exactly what you intended.

It’s perfect, you did exactly what I was hoping for … I felt you understood what I was trying to say … Your help with the manuscript, not to mention the synopsis and letters, was absolutely critical.” — Hanna, fiction author

When you’re ready to publish, a final proofread checks for accuracy and consistency in spelling, punctuation and grammar.

How much does it cost?

That depends! I quote for a tailored editing service based on a number of factors. No book is the same and no edit is the same. But to give you a rough idea, my rate for a manuscript assessment starts at GBP 8 (or USD 10) per 1,000 words. Manuscript processing factories may offer cheaper rates.

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